Take Pride Tuesday: Gym Groove...Setting the Tone

If you walk into The Den during a 70’s Funk playlist, no doubt ‘Cil is in the vicinity. A regular part of our turf dance parties and a member of the WuTang Wednesday Crew, she definitely starts our days off with a smile. A seasoned athlete and all-around strong woman, we are excited to share with you more about Lioness ‘Cil Shaw-Brewer!

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Hello, Den Family!

I am the mother of two young adults, a marathoner, Tri-athlete and an attorney. I enjoy being active and being in the outdoors.

I did CrossFit for several years but after my husband unexpectedly passed away, I lost interest in everything I used to love to do. I started to get into Kettlebell Sport and taking lessons but they were costly and required me to travel into Manhattan. I googled a kettlebell gym near me, and Iron Lion Performance was listed.

I came in to check it out and was impressed with Chris and his knowledge. He spent a lot of time evaluating me and picked up on all of my weaknesses. He explained in great detail how he would improve various issues I’ve always had problems with.  I have always had issues with flexibility which required me to modify my workouts. So my goals were to touch my toes, squat properly, increase my range of motion and to lose stomach fat.

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I was pleasantly surprised when I finally squatted and extremely hyped when I squatted with a bell and didn’t lean forward! I started noticing my increased flexibility and getting closer to touching my toes.

I am very happy with my progress and eager to continue to improve my health.

I work out 5 times a week because I like the “high” I get from working out. And, it has helped me deal with depression without medication.

I am taking nutrition classes to work on eating healthy and decreasing stomach fat and kinstretch classes to improve my flexibility. I continue to get stronger and feel better. I love the individualized attention I receive and the coaches are second to none. Iron Lion has a great family vibe that makes working out enjoyable.  Someone always makes me laugh when I am there and I smile as I leave to take on my day.

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*Cil recently participated in her first Powerlifting Meet, had an incredible time, and is looking forward to doing it again! Knowing that so many of you love to lift together, we think it would be an awesome opportunity to get a group together! If any of you are interested, get with ‘Cil or Coach Hayley to discuss!




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