Wellness Wednesday: The Valentine’s Day Edition

OM nom nom nom!

OM nom nom nom!

It’s February 14th, and whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day with someone special, Galentine’s Day with your besties or spend it happily solo, this seemingly innocent day of the year is often accompanied by romantic (and highly caloric) dinners, decadent chocolate desserts and wine or cocktails. Add in the treats from the office candy bowl and the Valentine’s Day candy for your son or daughter’s class and the calories can really add up, and for what? 

Do my bidding, mortals!

Do my bidding, mortals!

I mean, wasn’t Cupid was a fat kid in a diaper who randomly shot passersby with mind-control arrows for fun? Not exactly the type of behavior one really rewards with a holiday, especially one that is filled full of empty calories and regret. But I digress. No matter what your opinion on Valentine’s Day, it is a solid truth that consistency in nutrition pays off. Simply said, you reap what you sow. Here’s a few healthier options that will keep you and on track to sprouting the best summer bod ever. You know… that summer bod that will make you irresistible, without the mind control arrows? Yeah. That one. 


1. Turn the wine into water:  Alternate glasses with wine with glasses of water.  Not only are you saving calories by doing this, but you will likely question less of your decisions in the morning if you follow this advice. If you’re out at a bar or restaurant, this little tip also saves you money.


2.  IX-Nay on the OCOLATE-Chay:  Instead of getting sweets for your sweetie, opt for something more meaningful. Got a girlfriend? No matter how tough we are, none of us are going to say no to you drawing us a nicely scented bath and lighting some candles. NONE OF US. Got a boyfriend? I have it on good authority that there are a lot of things that men want more for Valentine’s Day than chocolate. Some of them of them I can even mention in this article without veering into NSFW territory! How about gifts that speak to their interests- new outdoor equipment works, so do vintage records, or even a home-made voucher for a week’s worth of packing their lunch or doing their share of the household chores. All of these options are better for his waistline than chocolate- a fact that I am sure he will be grateful for when swimsuit season comes around.


3. Encourage Activity:  Instead of eating a monster dinner and then watching a movie, take the time to reconnect through activity. Try an activity like bowling or mini-golf to stay up and moving. I even hear there’s a place in Brooklyn where you can throw axes for fun. It’s a little off-center, sure, but also a great upper body workout. The bottom line is all of these exercises burn calories, and every little bit counts.



Have an active and healthy Valentine’s Day, everyone!





            -Your Friendly Neighborhood Dietitian