The Monthly Mindset: Stay in the Race

Winning the race isn’t about who is getting out of the gate the fastest, keeping pace with the pack, being the most talented, nor is it about running a perfect race, it’s about getting in the race, staying in the race.

January's Alpha Challenge

January's Alpha Challenge

Once we begin to show up we can build the map that continuously has our steps crossing the finish line. When we walk through the door the stage has already been set - the environment is ready for you and your program is waiting for you to conquer it. 

Let’s not overthink the roadmap to attaining our goals. Let’s start small, but with a big step —Show up


There are going to be days when we don’t feel like it, but showing up can make all the difference in getting where we want to be. If we show up and start the work, even though it feels heavy (pun intended), what we end up creating could be all that we needed to keep moving forward towards our goals. Consistently showing up is the bedrock of momentum — what takes us through the rough patches.

As a coach, I always want to put someone in the best possible position for them to be successful. Showing up is putting yourself in a position to be successful. 

Febuary's Alpha Challenge

Febuary's Alpha Challenge

Another way to view the idea of showing up is examining the contrary — not showing up. Think of going the gym like going to a party — you can RSVP, which means you plan to go. You may even put it on your calendar. You may tell people you’re going to attend and ask if they’re going to go as well. But the morning of or during your workday, if you’re feeling tired or busy or just disinterested, you don’t attend. Which means, though you had the good intention, and you even made the plans, you didn’t go. You didn’t lift the lifts, sprint the sprints, swing the bells, elevate your heart rate. You didn’t show up.

Intention is great, and inspiration is great — but you want more to show for it than ideas and aspirations. If you're there for it, if you show up and do the work for it, you'll have results, too.

The single best thing you can do for your health: Show Up

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