Monthly Mindset: Stronger Together

We’re all striving to be more efficient in what we do. Some of us are athletes training for events, most of us are teachers, students, business men and women, horseback riders, mothers, fathers, comedians, actors, artists, painters, or architects training for the more common things the come with our day-to-day. No matter our reasons for training the carryover from our programs are similar…we’re all people trying to get better at whatever it is we want to be good at, or succeed at. 


Of the many things that need to fall into place for us to succeed one of the similarities all of us share — buy-in. We have to believe — buy-in to the process, program, or path that we choose to follow. How else do we know if it actually works? An athlete doesn’t know if the training makes them stronger and faster for competition if they don’t ride the process and complete the weeks of training. The same goes for pain management, rehabilitation, weight loss, body building, and so on. The process needs buy-in, consistency to the finish to truly know if the stimulus had positive effects.  


As December comes and goes, and we begin to look at the new beginnings of 2019, remember to buy-in to yourself and keep riding out the process. Furthermore, as you build upon this, recognize that we’re all in this thing together! We are stronger as a team, and it is why we are #ironlionstrong.


Communities are like families. Our community strengthens by the day, as we help each other grow to make each person better at what we want to do, or become. Together, we lead and offer directions for one another to become better versions of ourselves. That is what a community does for one another - we develop into a family of support systems that consistently support development and growth. With the right support system we can all acheive our goals as individuals.