Wellness Wednesday: Let's Talk About Snacks


It’s almost the holidays, and I don’t know about you, but it always seems to me that once Thanksgiving hits, the rest of the year is pretty much a blur until we hit New Years’ Day. Accordingly, I am coming to you with a public service announcement of sorts: Don’t be afraid to snack. Now I’m not talking about the mindless eating of bags and boxes of junk food sort of snacking, but the purposeful consumption of small portions of healthy foods to tide you over between meals or at times where you cant get to a meal as fast as you’d like one. Smart snacking can mean the difference between eating appropriately at your next meal or pulling over and stuffing your face with too much easy-to-find junk. Here’s a few things to keep in mind when smart snacking:

1) Snacks should be balanced with protein, carbs and fats. This makes the snack digest more slowly and therefore hold you over for longer.

Control yourself!!!!

Control yourself!!!!

2) If you’re short on time to eat, make sure you are controlling your snack size- eating from an open container is a one way ticket to overconsumption. Limit your snack to a pre-portioned item you can be comfortable about, such as individual pieces of fruit, string cheese, small bags of nuts a bar or a shake

3) plan for the unexpected: keep stashes of non-perishable items on your person, in your kid’s diaper bag or stroller or even in the glove box of your car in case you get caught out. They’ll tame your appetite and help ensure you don’t over consume at your next meal… or gnaw anyone’s arm off.


4) Good choices include: bars or individual portions of protein shakes and water, nuts and low-sodium beef jerky. All these items travel well and can be kept without refrigeration for weeks or even months.

Join us next time for part two of smart snacking- where we get real with some easy take along recipes.