Take Pride Tuesday : Fashionable and Fierce Matina Koutroumbas

Owner of the biggest “eye-roll” in The Den, members know our TPT Lioness by her dry wit as well as her fashionable handbags! This week, we are delighted to spotlight the crazy and extremely lovely Matina Koutroumbas! Get it, Girl!


Who am I? ….Let’s see...I’m a sarcastic, kooky awkward girl that enjoys hanging out with her friends and shopping. I work at a law firm as an Administrative Assistant, and I really enjoy my job and the people I work with. I like to have fun and laugh, I think laughter is the best medicine as corny as that sounds! 


I joined Iron Lion Performance because of my beautiful friend Joanne. I saw the great results it gave her after giving birth to her two beautiful babies! I wanted some of that!

My experience at Iron Lion is always great (even though I don’t say it most days...lol)! I enjoy the fact that every month my work out is different so I don’t get bored…cuz I get bored really easily!


I enjoy the motivation that the coaches bring as well as my fellow denizens. I love the sense of community and team work that is fostered at Iron Lion! 

I won’t lie, my goal coming to Iron Lion was to look good. As I have evolved with my work outs it has also transformed me to want to be healthier and more fit so my old lady bones don’t always hurt! 

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