Take Pride Tuesday : The Legal Eagle ~ Spiredoula Viglis

Mornings in The Den are not without excitement, and this week’s “Take Pride Tuesday” spotlight is a definite part of the start to our days. An original member of Wu-Tang Wednesday and half the morning crew duo, “The Law”, we are excited to showcase our very own legal eagle, Spiredoula Viglis.


Hello fellow Den Members! My name is Spiredoula and I am a proud Greek American born and raised in Astoria, Queens!!!!  I work as an attorney for the NYC Department of Social Services.  When I’m not at work I love to cook and catch up with family and friends over a good meal.  The past two years, I have taken up running, and I am hoping to make a half marathon in March of 2019. 

I was motivated to join Iron Lion to continue to lose and maintain my weight, a health journey which began for me in 2013. My weight seemed to have gotten stuck and I really wanted to keep training to lose weight while gaining more strength at a local place. I chose Iron Lion because the gym’s environment didn’t feel intimidating or overwhelming, I felt comfortable.

Over time Iron Lion, for me, turned into a place where I had a moment to myself and was in an environment where I felt safe enough to take on more challenges so I could meet my goals. Iron Lion has been the best place that I have trained in. All of the trainers are knowledgeable and easy to work with and their enthusiasm for fitness and proper form keeps you motivated and inspired.

Thanks to Hayley, I have gained strength and feel more comfortable taking on challenges. I also love working with Hayley she’s a great coach and wonderful charismatic person. Her training is thoughtful and the variety of changing it every 4 weeks has kept me looking forward to what we are building on.  She has also been able to make me strong and to gain endurance to handle other fitness challenges like running. I also work with Lauren, Iron Lion’s nutritionist, who has helped me meet my goals, to eat correctly and techniques that have helped to keep me on track. 


I absolutely have been able to continue to lose and maintain my weight loss. I gained strength that I was able to rely on as a care taker.  A cannot thank Hayley, Lauren and the entire Iron Lion team for their thoughtfulness, understanding, patience, and knowledge that goes into continuing to improve and motivate me.