Take Pride Tuesday : The Quiet Queen Roaming The Den

Quietly fierce, this week’s Take Pride Spotlight belongs to a woman that has stolen all of our hearts. The Den’s own Maria Buendia has made great strides, and many fans in her time at Iron Lion Performance.  

image1 (1).jpeg

My name is Maria Buendia, I am an accountant and I spend most of my days sitting down and working in front of a computer, with poor posture :).   I love tennis and running, and I decided to give tennis a shot a few years back.  As a result, I injured myself and ended up with knee and shoulder pain.  The knee pain was so bad that I had a hard time walking. 
One morning, I came across BORO magazine on the train. It had some testimonials from Iron Lion members. Some of the members had very powerful experiences at this gym, so I decided I needed to try it.  I called and spoke to Chris and came for an assessment.  Having an assessment with Jason was amazing and when I left, I realized that this was a gym that I could work out without getting any injuries. 
The first sessions, I have to be honest, were a little bit intimidating to me.  I had to learn the program, exercises and equipment and to make matters worse, I forgot my glasses a few times. Chris and his team were patient, they were able to communicate their knowledge of fitness to me with ease.  I am almost pain free and I feel stronger than ever.  My main goal is to lose a few pounds and relieve my aches by correcting bad habits. I am glad I came across Iron Lion!