Take Pride Tuesday: The OG Lioness

Without a doubt, a common sight around The Den is one of the OG Lionesses, Marilena Lauretano. A presence in the gym since its inception, she is known for her competitiveness, her fierce strength and drive, but most of all, her sweet concern for her gym family. We have all been the recipients of that tiny snack handoff, knowing that long days can sometimes mean extra fuel needs. She is never without a goal (all of them she meets!) and is quick with the compliments, be it excitement over new programming or amazement at the effort of her teammates. She is a fantastic representation of “Take Pride Tuesday.” 

Mar 4.jpeg

Thank you for nominating me to take the member spotlight this month at Iron Lion.   As a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, I follow a very busy work schedule, am constantly moving and like most other people, get home to take care of even more responsibilities.  But at the end of the day, I need to get to the gym.  

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In writing this, I had to try to recall my initial inspiration for getting started on a lasting path to real fitness.  I think for me, it was a combination of wanting to be healthy, look nice in clothes, staying strong, focused and disease free.  I must admit that year’s ago, I would get to the gym and do anything I felt would work for that day.  As long as I got there and moved, I was happy.  Yet, my introduction to various training methods helped me realize the importance of having goals and a plan.  What became motivating was gradually reaching my goals and moving forward to set new ones that were more challenging and imposing and then staying determined and focused to follow through.  I must say, I continually surprise myself with my own achievements and this is what drives me to move onward to keep learning, keep trying and keep strong.  I enjoy the satisfaction that comes from hard work.   I enjoy staying strong.  I enjoy being inspired by great workouts and being around such a great group of individuals.    

With that being said, I’d like to thank Iron Lion for inspiring me to work hard and accept all sorts of challenges.  Because of you, I feel happy, healthy, strong and unstoppable.  

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