The Monday Mindset: Skill Development -- A Spin On Time Management

We will always be limited in our time day-to-day and week-to-week. There are literally only 24 hours in a day and when we begin to subtract our commitments, 24 hours becomes a lot less. It can become overwhelming when we want to accomplish so many things for ourselves professionally and personally to be limited by father time. There is always a deadline and the clock is ever ticking. Enter a skill that is ever giving - time management.

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Last week I spoke about the importance of why we should never stop learning. Time management is an ever giving skill that allows us to adapt to the turbulence of life. As straightforward as it seems, I truly believe all of us have a skill level here that can be improved upon. 


The moment we think that we are who we are is the moment we give away our unrealized potential. 


Instead of asking yourself if you completed everything that needed to be done last week, maybe ask yourself if you did what you value most last week — as ones needs are usually based on what one values. This includes the gym, commitment to your health, family time, food prep, reading, or football Sunday among many other possible obligations. 

What I’m pointing at is that every one of us has time management skills that can be reflected upon and improved. Even at our best we cannot control what the future holds, but we do have the potential to prioritize for it. 

Here’s the thing, the never-ending benefit of time management is the ability to prioritize. This is what time management continues to give even the best planners - vision. Life is turbulent and unfortunately not linear. Time management gives us clearer vision to see through the turbulence of life…even our inevitable failures. 

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