Weight Loss Wednesday: Food For Thought

What if you could eat yourself smarter? Current research seems to suggest that idea may not be all that far-fetched. More and more evidence is now suggesting that diet and other lifestyle factors can play an integral role in preventing neuro-degenerative disease and maintaining top brain function over the long-term. Although an emphasis is often put on fostering brain health in utero and in the young, the reality is that the brain has the capacity to change not just in childhood, but throughout life, both negatively and positively.


In 2010 Raji et al. found that diabetes and obesity were negatively correlated with levels of brain function in the elderly. In the short-term, proper nutrition has been linked to feelings of increased energy. What is the magic bullet responsible for all this brain goodness? It is a group of plant-based chemicals called “flavonoids”. Flavonoids are naturally occurring chemicals that are found in brightly colored fruits and vegetables, chocolate, as well as wine, coffee and tea.

Here are some top picks to enjoy for a quick kick of antioxidant boost and some recipes to get you going! (click the links below)

·       Red, blue and purple berries

·       Red and purple grapes, red wine (sorry, chardonnay lovers)

·       Black and green teas, including oolong

·       Parsley, thyme and hot peppers

·       All citrus fruits