Take Pride Tuesday: Confidence Is Key

Confidence is a skill that should be practiced daily.  Finding your path to confidence is not easy, but overtime small daily habits will help develop your confidence. In Victoria’s case making the right choices.   Victoria describes having confidence as the key to leading a happy life -- or so we are told.  Confidence in every aspect of your life reflects upon your well-being, level of satisfaction and peace, and the ability to be the best version of yourself, no matter what life throws your way. I could go on about Victoria, but she said it so eloquently herself that I’ll simply let her tell it….

Victoria Deadlift .jpg

When I first came to Iron Lion, my goal was to simply lose weight. However, my goal has changed since   

      About 3 years ago I was about a size 0, eating whatever I wanted with no consequences. But then I got into my first relationship and started my freshman year of college. I was eating late, eating fast, and eating cheap. I didn’t realize how much weight I had gained until years later and I noticed the differences in my body. My boyfriend has been with Iron Lion since the day it opened and then some. So, I decided to join with him. In the beginning, I thought I was going to run on a treadmill or ride a stationary for hours but it wasn’t at all what I expected. I was lifting weights, pushing a sled, and deadlifting; things I had never done before. 

      After a few months, I saw my body changing but not in the way that I originally wanted. I wasn’t losing weight but I was gaining muscle and toning my body. At first, I didn’t like it. I would look in the mirror and still see my back fat and my tummy and I thought lifting was making my body worse. I looked nothing like I did 3 years ago. But then I looked closer and saw my butt getting bigger and my thighs getting tone and my back muscles were showing. I then realized that my body won’t look the same way it did 3 years ago. My life had changed a lot since then. My goal was no longer to lose weight but it was to feel confident in my body. I’m a size 10 and I say that proudly. I can deadlift more than a lot of my guy friends and I think that’s pretty awesome. I love going to the gym. Deadlifting gives me a kind of confidence that I never experienced before. I never thought I’d be the type of girl that lifts heavy and I can only thank my boyfriend for introducing me to it. 

Victoria Hammer.jpg

      My nutrition needs work. I know that. I’m an extreme emotional eater. But, since joining Iron Lion, my nutrition has gotten a lot better. I learned things about myself. It’s not about being hardcore and strict about your nutrition but it’s about making better and healthier choices throughout the day. Iron Lion helped me realize that my lifestyle was the problem not only my weight. It was the way I was eating and my lack of exercise. Iron Lion helped give me the confidence that I wanted and desperately needed. I would cry because I hated the way I looked. But Iron Lion helped me open my eyes and changed me for the better.

          It’s not about what you should’ve done differently 3 years ago but what you’re going to do tomorrow.

Victoria SMile .jpg

All in all, confidence in the fact that you are worthy of a happy life hails above all other things.  We need confidence to push us toward achieving our goals, whether professional or personal.  Remain confident in the power that you have to change the world, confident in your knowledge and acquired craft, and confident that you can achieve anything you set your mind to.  Have confidence that everything will play out the way it's supposed to.