Take Pride Tuesday: Unlocking Your Potential

The mind has an incredible capacity to learn, recognize patterns, and connect pieces of information together to find new ways to approach old problems.  Muscle memory has been used to describe the observation that various muscle-related tasks seem to be easier to perform after previous practice, even if the task has not been performed for a while. I am sure you’ve heard the expression “be the best version of you and unlock your potential”, but what if you could do that?  Hmmmm……. what an interesting thought. 

We are not your typical gym, we are a strength and conditioning facility not only focused on athletes, but everyone and anyone who is trying to become stronger in their own lives.  Performance is about accomplishing what specific goals you want, and becoming successful in completing those specific goals  is important for you to unlock your potential. 

Patrick Bandy came to Iron Lion back in December of 2016.  He was a high school athlete who played on the St. John’s Preparatory High School Basketball team.  After high school Patrick studied Engineering, which basically took him off the court and into corporate America sitting at a desk for most of his day at work.  “Sadly, I’m not as active as I’d like to be which prompted me to join a gym. I came into this gym not knowing what I was getting myself into, because in the back of my mind, it was just another gym with your typical gym philosophy. Boy, was I wrong” Patrick said. 

 From the moment Patrick walked into the facility, he remembers “seeing trainers with clients 1 on 1, attentive and focused on their clients, not just like 1 or 2 trainers, it was at least 5. My surprise continued when I walked to the office and met Chris Carlsen who would be my future trainer and after about 5 minutes, I was already being assessed. Now coming in to the gym, I wanted to elevate my basketball conditioning and body and I thought I was in pretty decent shape for the basketball level I am at. But 10 minutes later after my evaluation was finished, I was pretty much told that I had a lot of work to do. My right shoulder had less flexion than my left. My left leg turned out at barely 30 degrees while my right wasn’t much better than that. And my dorsiflexion? Pitiful at best. Chris then explained to me that my problem areas were easily correctable and how he and the rest of the staff would go about fixing them. I signed up right then and there and started on my path that following Monday.” 

Eight months later and 15 lbs. lighter, Patrick has said his overall basketball game has increased well beyond where he thought it would go. Patrick’s teammates have made several comments on his conditioning, strength, and flexibility which have all increased.  “It hasn’t been easy, but Chris and the rest of Iron Lion Performance team have made it fun and enjoyable which is why the moniker of “client” and “staff” no longer applied since my first day. Were all friends building, growing and learning together”, Patrick said. 

Whether you are an aspiring professional athlete, a weekend warrior or just someone looking to be able to move around better.  We have the solution for you.  Having the right environment with the proper mindset will put you on the path to unlocking your potential.  After all, your goal is to be your best self-having the right attitude combined with strategy. At Iron Lion, we will help develop the strategy but it is on you to put your best foot forward, turn the key and unlock your potential just like Patrick is doing.