Weight Loss Wednesday: Hydration Nation

hydration 1.jpg


Simply said, water is life. The human body is between 50-60% water and there is not a single cell in your being that does not need water to function properly. You need to drink it on the daily to make sure that all systems are functioning at top efficiency. When you sweat (hot days, workouts) or drink caffeine (which makes your body lose water) your total need for water goes up. So here’s the million-dollar question: how much is enough?



Most of us have heard the conventional answer to this question: 6-8 8oz. glasses per day. This still holds for the most part, but it isn’t an absolute. While most people can remain healthy on this much water, individual differences in the amount that we sweat, how well our intestines work and our individual genetic makeup can all mean that we might need more than this amount to maintain optimal hydration.  If you drink non-water fluids throughout the day, this number goes up even more.


While non-water fluids do contribute to hydration, they are not the best choice and can add sugar and empty calories right along with any benefit they confer. Best choices for hydration include: caffeine-free herbal teas, flavored seltzer water and no-sugar added fruit and vegetable juices. You can even get creative and mix juice and seltzer for a sparkly, low sugar “soda”.  Feel it out. If you know you need flavor to commit to proper hydration, try the above suggestions or use real fruits, veggies and herbs to flavor your water, spa style. Here are a few suggestions. Drink up!


·      Fresh pineapple and mint

·      Cucumber and watermelon

·      Raspberry and basil

·      Any type of citrus

·      Blackberry and sage