The Monday Mindset: Conversation For Growth

The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays — for many reasons — but mostly because of the interaction everyone is able to have with each other. Friends, family, children, significant others, are all ablate be in the same place without any specific individual getting attention due to birthdays, anniversaries, or gifts being passed around the room. Not to mention that it’s July so we can celebrate this holiday wherever we choose. We are all sharing space and happy to have one another because we are sharing the same day — our independence. 


As I’m celebrating my independence with my fiancé and her family in Pennsylvania this weekend It got me thinking. It’s actually through interaction with others were we are able to reshape ourselves — and challenge our interpersonal skills. Being a member of a team, being a partner in a relationship, working closely with others that continually challenge us, this is what generates our greatest personal growth. Sitting alone and contemplating our beliefs, values, behaviors, experiences and emotions is all paramount, it will always provide us with insight and self-awareness —when we choose to listen to it. But it’s interacting with other people that moves us forward in our development. This includes the interactions that are the toughest — family, our in-laws, our friends partners…you get the picture. 


So, enjoy your interactions with others this holiday, but remember always that they are helping you to learn and develop as a person — even if they don’t realize it. Wrap your mind around some conversation this holiday weekend and chew on some self-development — and ribs. 


Happy Fourth of July!