Take Pride Tuesday: Steps In The Right Direction

Direction, is a course or path along which something travels. We set goals to define the milestones to achieve a particular outcome to keep you motivated and ambitious. With so many detours and distractions along the path, how do you know what is right for you?  Here’s how Den member Melissa Devito finally found her path for a consistent and holistic change. 

Melissa DeVito was born and raised in Astoria Heights, Queens and is a Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW) who currently works at a Pediatric Therapy and Autism Services company in Queens. Over the years, she has struggled with disordered eating and found it difficult to stay motivated with her goals. She often felt overwhelmed working out at other gyms and felt like she needed direction and coaching in her workout to get her where she needed to be both physically and mentally.


Melissa joined Iron Lion in April of 2016.

When asked to recall her first day at Iron Lion, Melissa said “I was so nervous the first time as I had never done strength training before - I had always been a girl at the gym who did a huge amount of cardio and then dabbled a little with the weights as I was often intimidated to do so at other gyms. I was also looking for a gym that had a community feel - not just each man for himself. I got that vibe the first time I stepped into Iron Lion. It's important to me to be able to learn in any new endeavors I embark on and I knew the coaches here would not only be dedicated to training me but educating me as well. I knew Iron Lion was the right place for me.”


While change is never easy, consistency and hard work are important factors on the path to great health. Sometimes, it’s not about what you want to lose, but what you also want to gain. Melissa has lost 30 pounds through her physical workouts and has now gained the energy and motivation to do things she never thought she could. Melissa says “I’ve learned it’s not just about working out, but living daily life in the most beneficial way. I was never a morning person; however, I can't imagine not doing my 7 am training sessions on a weekly basis. My morning workouts make me feel invincible and ready to take on the day! It’s so inspiring to see all the members of the den working towards individual and unique goals while motivating each other as a collaborative effort. Never in a million years did I think it was possible to squat and deadlift almost my body weight, but it was made possible with the guidance and encouragement of those at ILP. I was also so excited when ILP introduced the nutrition program; this is an essential piece for me to meet my goals and learn about my body. It's so great to have a positive and judgement free place to discuss any struggles and learn new information about nutrition and wellness. This has been instrumental in my recovery from disordered eating.”


So how do you narrow down your decisions and start acting in a world with endless possibilities? The answer depends on you. Having real direction in the form of a defined process is what eliminates distraction and helps you achieve your goals. At Iron Lion, we will help you discover your true goals and start you with a program that will build confidence and strength.  We also encourage you to keep pushing yourself beyond what you have accomplished – complacency is never rewarding!

Melissa, you have done an outstanding job over the last 18 months with us. Results are never overnight and we admire your dedication and well-deserved progress. Your Iron Lion family is proud of you!