Weight Loss Wednesday: Where’s Your Focus?

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In the pursuit of dietary perfection, it’s easy to lose yourself in the details: how many servings of carbs should I have per day?  What about if the carbs are resistant starch? Is a commercially farmed, high-value protein source really that different from an organic, free-range protein source? We get it. There are a ton of products, schools of thought and fine points to consider. It can be overwhelming at times and easy to get caught up in all the little things. A word of advice, the little things don’t mean much if the big things aren’t locked and loaded.

Lets review the big things a little:

·         Make sure you are eating slowly, to 80% full

·         Pay attention to your body, and the cues it uses to tell you that you are full

·         Eat mostly whole foods and not processed ones (i.e. things that don’t come from a box)

·         Be active

·         Prioritize sleep, recovery and hydration


Consistency is key, and the degree to which you can remain consistent with the big important chunks of nutrition will determine how fast and far you progress on your health journey not just now, but for the rest of your life. Daily positive actions add up to cumulative success. In review, make sure to keep your focus where it counts- on the BIG picture and not so much on the little things. With patience and consistency, real change is possible. Happy eating, Lions.