Weight Loss Wednesday: Healthy Travels

Summer has finally arrived in New York, and with it- vacation travel plans. Vacations can be a great way to relax, unwind and enjoy yourself with friends and family. Unfortunately, the festive environment and long car rides can also spell disaster for your healthy eating goals, as well as your exercise routine. However, poor health habits and vacations don’t necessarily need to go hand in hand. A little planning can go a long ways towards maintaining your health goals and ensuring that you have enough energy to enjoy your vacation to the very end and to arrive back at work healthy and refreshed. Here are a few tips for staying healthy while on vacation:

travel snack.jpg

Come prepared: Pack snack foods that are easily consumed on the go and that don’t require refrigeration, like whole fruits, packages of unsalted nuts and protein bars or powder. These choices are not only cheaper than processed snack foods, but will also make you less likely to eat unhealthy gas station or airport food while in transit.

Stay Hydrated: Remembering to drink water when you are out of your normal routine is hard. Make it easier on yourself by bringing reusable water bottles when you travel.


Choose activity: get your exercise and see the sights while vacationing in a new place by walking instead of driving. If this isn’t a good option for your family, choose a hotel with poo, and/ or gym accommodations so that you can get in a few quick laps or a targeted lift once or twice during your stay. Activities like surfing, bike tours or snorkeling are also great choices.

Stay on schedule: When we go all out and lack adequate sleep, our bodies may interpret this lack as hunger. Sleep studies have proven that increased dietary intake is related is inversely related to total sleep length. So get your Z’s and get up at your normal time.