Take Pride Tuesday: MMA is in the Den

Are you ready to enter the Octagon?

I know I am not ready for the octagon, but the conditioning program our Pro Athletes go through is truly a work of art.  The words “metabolic conditioning” are thrown around quite a bit in the fitness industry. In one setting, it may mean something as simple as intervals while in a different gym it may consist of a complex circuit involving kettlebells, rope slams, and medicine ball work.  This desired response is usually to maximize efficiency of an energy system. To elicit the desired response and prepare our members for their obstacles or fights, the body must be pushed in terms of performance and that is how we prepare you to achieve and succeed.

Iron Lion athlete Jared Gordon made his UFC debut for UFC Fight night 112, Sunday evening and certainly did not disappoint. 

Jared Gordon (11-1 MMA, 1-0 UFC) made up for lost time by pounding Michel Quinones (8-2 MMA, 0-1 UFC) around the octagon until the referee had seen enough at the 4:24 mark of the second round. 

James Krause and James Vick, both professional UFC athletes, were quoted on UFC’s official Instagram page saying, “the pressure by Gordon is absolutely insane, this dude does not get tired ever.”

You can see what both Krause and Vick are referring to here with the highlights of Jared's debut:


Quinones attempted to bring a flashy technique into the octagon, frequently spinning with kicks and punches as Jared eagerly awaited to strike and make his move. The two held back nothing in the opening minutes of the fight while trading heavy shots with tons of action. Jared worked his ground game tiring Michel through an attempted guillotine choke that took a lot of energy out of his opponent.  Once Quinones escaped the ground game, and without a second to recover, Jared pounced once again and shoved Quinones from what looked like the middle of the octagon against the cage which put his opponentback on the canvas. This is where Quinones quickly began to fade. As it turned out, though, Referee Keith Peterson called off the bout as Quinones was being wallowed while on his back, his face swollen and bloody from the punches Jared Gordon threw.  The fight was called in Round 2 with 4:24 remaining and Jared’s hand was held high!

Iron Lion’s is fortunate to have another pro fighter training with us.  Pro Fighter, Super Smealinho Rama fights for the PRO FIGHT LEAGUE and is on national television on Friday night June 30th at 10:30ET on NBCSN.  Smealinho’s and his opponent Ronny Markes square off in what is considered a big fight.  We all at the Den wish Smealinho the best of luck and know he will be locked, loaded and primed to take home the victory. 

These two athletes push their limits, and the Den’s equipment to the brink each time they enter the door.  Smealinho is on the verge of smashing our med balls to pieces every time he trains and is primed and ready for Friday night!  Jared is consistanly conditioning and priming himself for the next opportunity, and the next man up.   Practice makes perfect and these two are peaking at the right time and ready for victories.