Take Pride Tuesday: How do you get better? Practice…Practice...Practice.

“Why do I have to keep practicing? I know it already!”  Sound familiar?????   Well we heard what the world is saying and we at Iron Lion want to make a difference. 

Iron Lion Performance has created a coaching internship that lasts approximately 12 weeks, designed to help exercise science, kinesiology students, and other fitness related fields pursue a career as a personal trainer or strength coach.  During your time, you will develop the skills needed to thrive in a fitness environment, taking your coaching to the next level. 

Now let’s meet this semesters interns……

Sofoklis “Sofo”  Sarellis is one of two interns at Iron Lion Performance and has entirely embraced the role of being part of the pride. Born and raised in Astoria, Queens, Sofo has participated within the community since high school. Sofo is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) under the national strength and conditioning association (NSCA) and obtained seven years of experience that had affiliations with the U.S Olympic & Para-Olympic team in a physical therapy setting.  He was looking for the best possible scenario in which he can utilize his skills to gain as much knowledge as possible. He is excited to learn from the coaches at iron Lion and apply his experience and energy to the environment. Sofo hopes to enthuse all members into doing their best and continue to build the foundation they need to succeed in their daily lives.

Sofo’s goal is to work within a collegiate or professional sports setting. He has multiple years playing and coaching basketball youth programs. The coaching background helps him translate his knowledge of sports performance and injury prevention to his youth athletes and personal clients.


Andrew Xenophontos is a personal trainer and aspiring physical therapist. He understands that strength is a skill and that it has a purpose. Andrew believes culture and environment are some important factors which is why he chose an internship at Iron Lion.  Those aspects, along with the drive to improving people’s lives, fuel his passion to continue to learn as much as possible so he is able to pass it along to others. He loves to improve and see people thrive through fixing the way they move and getting them as strong as possible so they can endure the trials of life. Andrew has a goal of increasing his big three lifts especially the deadlift which is his favorite. He enjoys listening to blues rock and is a voracious reader and has always had a fascination with movement and understanding the complexity of the human body.


“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

― Aristotle,

Our internship opportunity is giving some smart and motivated guys and gals who want to continue to learn from another perspective and become a coach.  The program is quite the opposite of a normal internship, which would be purely observational. There’s an orientation period, in-service classes, but beyond that interns must possess the “go getter” mentality by following that comes with being an Iron Lion coach – a leader of a pack, per say -- and not just be part of the paint on the wall. Admiring the atmosphere and watch the coaches work is not acceptable. Our interns are expected to coach and interact with clients daily. This is, of course, done under the watchful eye of the Iron Lion coaches.

These are two smart gentleman, and we are happy to have them with us this summer.  Don’t be shy and introduce yourself to them the next time you are in the Den. Remember, we are all here to practice and get better.