Take Pride Tuesday (On a Fri-yay): June Alpha Challenge

Congratulations to Coach Jason for being May’s Alpha challenge winner with a time of 1 minute 56 seconds on the 1 mile ride on the Airdyne bike.


Many Den members felt this burn as most had to catch there breathe or lay on the turf for a moment.  I know I personally felt like I had jello legs!

For June, we are focusing on endurance.  This new challenge may be familiar to you if you played in PAL, CYO programs, or maybe even in gym class in high-school. The shuttle run builds explosive power, agility and endurance.

The shuttle run is used to measure the kind of endurance you need for stop-and-go, high intensity sports like basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, and baseball. 

You can improve your performance in the drill by shifting your weight to the leg on the side of the direction you will be sprinting in first. Stay low and keep your center of gravity closer to the ground to help keep you on balance.


WHO: You!

WHERE:  These challenges will be posted on the board in the middle of the turf and updated each time someone attempts the challenge for that month. 

WHAT: We will rank participants on the fastest time to reach 300 yards (10x’s the turf from the window to the wall and back to the window equals 1).

WHEN: Anytime, but the challenge cannot be substituted for a regular scheduled class. Participants should consult with a trainer to ensure you have the necessary clearance to participate in the month’s challenge. We don’t want to conflict with any movement patterns you may be working on that month. 

June’s Alpha Challenge is:

               Movement: Fastest to Reach 300 yards

Area to perform this movement: Turf


1.       Start at the window.

2.       Get into a crouching type position or a three-point stance.

3.       Turn laterally (running straight ahead) to the wall touching the cone and back to the window touching the cone, equaling 1 round.

4.       Do this for 10 total round.

5.       Fast time wins.


The Alpha Challenge is designed to help you reach another milestone in your daily training.  While this is not a mandatory exercise, we certainly encourage your participation. 

Good Luck and may the best Alpha win!