The Monday Mindset: Question the Process

We forget sometimes in our day-to-day grinds with the clock that we’re involved in a process that needs continued evaluation. The process is bettering ourselves — self improvement. Self improvement involves reflection, and that is something that many of us will ignore, but is also paramount to getting where we want to be professionally and personally. We have to be able to look back, to look forward.


I give my clients a broad foundation with their programming and training regimens, but this is really just scratching the surface of what I’m truly coaching them through, and that is to make them think more about the larger picture at hand — the process. 


As they progress month after month through their programs I want them to begin to look forward by beginning to question the process of what they've already experienced and accomplished: what interested you? What new directions has this program inspired? What are your “next steps” and “action plan”? This becomes important because most members of my facility don’t come through my door saying they want to deadlift a tank or accomplish a pull-up — it’s the usual lose some weight, tone up, be in less pain —but a few programs later there is no telling what they will want to accomplish after they begin to believe they CAN accomplish something. How’s that for some mindset change?


I do this and ask questions along these lines to keep the focus on them and their progress, and not just me hanging over them as the coach. It allows them to learn much more, rather than me simply “telling them what to do” per say. Questions such as these are not overly complicated, but you can answer them as deeply as you choose. I find that the more I do this with an individual, the more they take it upon themselves to ask and answer. That is progress. That is sustainable change over time. That…is a strong(er) mindset.