Take Pride Tuesdays: A Mother's (Day) Journey

With Mother's Day rapidly approaching this Sunday, I wanted to use this week's Take Pride Tuesday to introduce you to a Den mom who has truly taken her fitness journey to another level. 

Meet Joanna Tetro. 

Joanna is a married mother of two who has dedicated the last 13 years teaching English as a Second Language to third graders. As a working mom, Joanna found it very difficult to lose weight after her second pregnancy and was trying to find additional motivation to attain her goal of losing 50lbs, having great muscle tone, and living a healthy lifestyle.  


While she tried dieting, she didn't experience the results she wanted and ultimately decided to join the gym.  After a lot of research and disappointing gym visits, Joanna decided to take the advice from a few of her friends and checked out Iron Lion Performance. She felt an immediate feeling of belonging as Den members welcomed her with open and friendly arms.


Her initial meeting was with Coach Jason. Joanna remembers how skilled and knowledgeable he was in proper programming design and implementation. Not only did he take the time to thoroughly assess Joanna's strengths and weaknesses, but he then used that information to create a customized exercise program to help her attain her goals safely. Joanna says, "from that day forward, I knew this was the right place to help me achieve my goals and I started training 3 days a week."



As the months went by, each exercise built upon the next and helped her to improve on various areas of her body.  Every trainer she worked with, Jason, Chris, Troy and Hayley, would ensure she was well versed in each exercise and that she was able to properly execute them. 


Joanna says "they have taught me that even the most basic movements require knowledge and experience with form and technique.  They give me the confidence to focus on the process and help me set attainable goals that are challenging but also inspiring and exciting.  I am thankful for all the coaching and support they've shown me throughout my journey and for helping me reach my goals. I have lost 40lbs in 3 months and I feel great! They recognize and celebrate my hard work and it helps me stay dedicated, focused and on the right track.  Joining the Iron Lion family was the best thing I've done for myself.  I look forward to working out and being the best "me" I can be!"

We commend you on your dedication and commitment to your fitness journey, Joanna. It is our pleasure to coach towards your goals and aspirations, but you are an inspiration to so many in our community, and we thank you! ILPwishes you and all the Den Mothers an amazing and special Mothers Day.