The Monday Mindset: Mindful Nutrition

I completely get it. It’s Memorial Day and the lighting of the BBQ’s has commenced, and very few of us want to think about fitness and nutrition today. We just want to eat and do what we want and worry about gains and weight loss when Tuesday comes around. So, how do we navigate this fitness lull without feeling like we’re missing out on progress or harassing ourselves about our body image?

Stay mindful of your eating.

Things are going to get eaten that don’t mesh with your goals. Holidays bring temptations, our environments change, and we are creatures of our surroundings.

When you walk by picnic table of burgers, wings, cookies, chips, and more 10 times, there’s a good chance one of those times will result in you eating one or some. For me it’s more like some or all.

Here’s the thing, it’s okay some of the table. If you’re going to eat it, at least enjoy it, but be mindful of your satisfaction. Problems happen when you mindlessly eat 10 cookies, the whole bag of chips, all of the bean dip, and don’t even realize it until you’re done. Mindlessly eating means you aren’t reaping satisfaction from your food – your simply on autopilot.

So practice mindful eating and heighten your satisfaction awareness. The more satisfaction you get from your food the less of it you will eat.

Furthermore, manage your expectations

Go into the holidays with realistic expectations on what progress is. If every year during the holiday you gain 5-10lbs, then don’t beat yourself up if you don’t lose any weight this year.

In this case, simply maintaining your weight is progress. It’s an improvement over your past behaviors. Weight loss isn’t the only measure of progress. And boom – your mindset has improved.

Stay mindful of what you’re eating – whatever you end up eating. Stay as active as you can and get in the added workouts when you feel up to it. And then don’t beat yourself up if your progress doesn’t happen as soon as you had wanted to. Soon enough you will have your life structure back after a long holiday weekend and you can continue reinforcing those healthy habits.