TakePride Tuesdays: Together We Are Unstoppable

As you all may know, Iron Lion keeps its sense of community as a top priority. To help support the Lupus Foundation's May 6th walk, ILP held a Kettlebell "SWIING" Camp this past Saturday. Coach Hayley and Coach Jason taught this hands-on camp by focusing on properly using a kettlebell which aids in fat loss, lean muscle growth, improved conditioning and increased stability for healthier joints. ILP is so grateful for the amazing turnout which included over 30 participants and raising just over $1,000.00 - we couldn’t be happier!



Congratulations to “THE PUNISHER” for being this April’s Alpha challenge winner with 65 pushups in 1 minute.


Did you know that the average Lion runs anywhere from 30 to 40mph, but in short bursts? Do you think you could keep up? Find out this month with our May Alpha challenge to see if you will be the one with the fastest mile on the airdyne bikes.

WHO: You!

WHERE:  These challenges will be posted on the board in the middle of the turf and updated each time someone attempts the challenge for that month. 

WHAT: We will rank participants on the fastest time to reach 1 mile.

WHEN: Anytime, but the challenge cannot be substituted for a regular scheduled class. Participants should consult with a trainer to ensure you have the necessary clearance to participate in the month’s challenge. We don’t want to conflict with any movement patterns you may be working on that month. 

May’s Alpha Challenge is:

               Movement: Fastest to Reach 1 mile

Area to perform this movement: Airdyne Bikes



1.       Sit on the airdyne bike.

2.       A coach will set the timer and distance.

3.       Peddle away. 



The Alpha Challenge is designed to help you reach another milestone in your daily training.  While this is not a mandatory exercise, we certainly encourage your participation. 


Good Luck and may the best Alpha win!