Take Pride Tuesdays: The Pursuit of Your Passion

We all see social media drowning us with images of quick and easy results. When tempted by a quick fix or other forms of instant gratification, think about your purpose and process.  In the gym and in life, long term-growth demands patience, consistency, and most of all hard work.  Hard work is something Lioness, Elizabeth Lewis knows all about. 

Elizabeth is a small, energetic, 'do it yourself' kind of girl residing in Astoria, New York with a passion for science, the body, and everything fitness. As a Biomedical Engineer, she works on cancer research drugs for throat and neck cancer with a unique perspective on immunotherapy. Although she is intertwined with the pharmaceutical industry by trade, she's a firm believer in how amazing the body really is and it's own capabilities of healing itself when given the right cues. Treatment does not always mean a magic pill from behind the counter rather helping the immune system fight for itself by manipulating existing chemicals in the body. 

Growing up as an athlete she's always been fit, but not necessarily in the right ways with the latest diet fads and strenuous workout routines. Knowing this lifestyle would be unsustainable, she was ready to make the changes necessary for her life, health, and body and began educating herself on proper nutrition and fitness. Around this same time she was introduced to Iron Lion. 

When asked about Iron Lion, Eliza said "Not only was this place filled with great trainers, the people it attracted and atmosphere it created was unique from any other gym. Iron Lion is a wonderful community of like-minded individuals that are here to motivate you, educate you, help you set goals, and push you to achieve those goals."


Working with all the trainers, especially Hayley, has taught her to harness that inner strength, trust your body, and realize that if you can't do it now, set the goal, and keep working toward it fearlessly. Thanks to Iron Lion, Elizabeth feels the strongest she has ever been physically, mentally, and emotionally. She understands that every day is going to be different and you are not always going to be motivated to do everything. You have to learn to be your own motivation. Be proud of yourself and how far you have come.