The Monday Mindset: Enthusiasm, Endurance, and a Compass

A goal is like a compass — it guides you. It gives direction and meaning to your footsteps along your path. And like many other situations when using a compass,a you’re usually going a long distance. Navigating to success involves enthusiasm, but more importantly it involves endurance. 

The top tier goal that we have for ourselves is predicated by other smaller tier goals that we have to journey though to reach our top tier goal. We’re playing the long game with our top tier goal. Lower level goals are merely means to ends, but still goals. The top tier goal is not a means to any other end. It is the end itself. The top tier goal is the compass - the compass that gives direction and meaning to the means to ends below it. 

Enthusiasm is common; endurance is rare.
— Angela Duckworth

The thing about our top goals is that they take time — more times than not longer than we would like — to come to fruition. As we navigate our compass lets not forget that this time takes commitment — consistency over time to reach our goals. Success is as much about deciding what NOT to do as it is deciding what to do. Have enthusiasm about these decisions, but have endurance as your compass navigates you through the fruition of your goal.