Weight Loss Wednesday: Eat Your Water


           Water, water, water. Everyone is always telling you to drink your water. There are even apps now that make dripping sounds to remind you to drink enough. Everyone knows that drinking water is essential for hydration, cellular function, digestion, and detoxification, but what about eating your water?  Yeah, I said “eating”. By eating foods high in water, you not only help your body stay hydrated, and functioning on all 8 cylinders, but also help the indicator light on your stomach register as “full” longer.


     Why is this? It’s simple, really. Water occupies space and therefore creates bulk in foods. This, in turn, occupies space in your stomach. The best part is that because water contains zero calories (and is therefore the original diet beverage), it creates the feeling of fullness for virtually no calories at all!  BAM! Weight loss hunger pangs are immediately managed. In addition, reaching for a high in water fruit or veggiw may hydrate you more fully than water alone, as they contain natural sugars, salts and amino acids that are lost through exercise. So the next time you feel a hunger strike come on and don’t want to blow all your calorie savings on a vending machine snack, try eating some of these high in water food items instead!

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