Push...Push It Real Good!

Written By: Ricky Borg

As we closed out the month of March we had some close calls, but ultimately John Cisco held strong.  Coach Tim ruled supreme for most of the month until John stepped up and leaped 6 inches past him to top out at 28ft 6 inches. Coach Carlsen jumped and came within 1’’ of John but it wasn’t enough. 

Congrats John on winning Aprils Challenge, you are the ALPHA of the month!

For the month of April, we will be testing your upper body strength with Push Ups!

1 minute max out…………Push ups!

The push up is one of the most recognized movements in the world. There is a lot more to push-ups than getting on all fours, moving up and down in an awkward motion trying to impress your high school crush. 

We will show you just how a proper push up is done.  Most people miss one of the key areas for proper push-ups……. your glutes.  If your glutes aren’t firing you’re not activating your core which will make this “simple” movement even more challenging.

WHO: You!

WHERE:  These challenges will be posted on the board in the middle of the turf and updated each time someone attempts the challenge for that month. 

WHAT: We will rank participants on time and the number of laps completed.

WHEN: Anytime, but the challenge cannot be substituted for a regular scheduled class. Participants should consult with a trainer to ensure you have the necessary clearance to participate in the month’s challenge. We don’t want to conflict with any movement patterns you may be working on that month. 

April’s Alpha Challenge:

Movement: Triple Broad Jump

                                                  Area to perform this movement: Turf


1.    Start on your hands and toes, in a full plank position, with your hands slightly to the sides of your shoulders.

2.   Engage your core muscles by squeezing your glutes, then slowly lower your body toward the ground while keeping your neck and spine aligned — no drooping allowed.

3.   Use a 25lbs plate for this exercise to give you the physical cue to then pop back up to complete your push up and press back up to full plank position.

4.       Repeat this step as many times as you can for 1 minute.

The Alpha Challenge is designed to help you reach another milestone in your daily training.  While this is not a mandatory exercise, we certainly encourage your participation. 


Good Luck and may the best Alpha win!