Take Pride Tuesday: Alpha Challenge Takes Over The Den

The goal of “TAKE PRIDE TUESDAY’S” is to show growth in our fellow team members and share their success stories.  Each week we will focus on a success story within our community to broadcast real life victories to empower you to push yourself to the limit and achieve great strength and command of your physical sphere—after all, strength is not given, it is earned. 

Last week we had completed our first Alpha Challenge at Iron Lion and had 20 members compete.  Pick up the trap bar with your specific body weight attached to the bar, CONGRATULATIONS to Joe Gambino and C’il on being the Alpha man and woman this month.  Carrying the trap bar to the end of the turf and back to the window without placing the bar on the ground is much harder than it looked. 

Do you have what it takes to be willing to work harder and more ferociously than the person next to you?

This month’s challenge is the Triple Broad Jump testing your explosiveness, stop on in and compete.  Who knows, maybe you are the most explosive?