Monday Mindset: Reframing Fear

Fear takes on many forms for all of us - - worry, panic, anxiety - - and we all manifest these forms in different ways - - avoidance, rejection, anger. It is a sort of constant companion. But here’s the thing about being scared…it’s good for you. If you are not afraid, you’re not taking big enough risks. If that feeling in your gut isn’t twisting a little as you stride forward, than the steps are truly not the steps you were meant to take. Be fearful of falling, but if anything, fall forward. Because you will undoubtedly fall. 

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This is true no matter the objective - - strength training, being an entrepreneur, weight loss, journaling your food (accountability), any personal development - - you will fall, and it’s okay to fear that. You should also accept it, and continue to step forward with that risk. Keep in mind, the things that make most of us feel safest are also exactly what put us at the greatest risk. Staying comfortable (or staying in our comfort zone) ultimately leads us to less compelling thinking and less success as we strive towards greater things. Therefore, embrace the fear - - swallow it - - and keep dancing. 

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear
— Mark Twain

We need to reframe how we think about fear. Fear is always dancing with possibility. Fear leads, possibility follows, and they're dancing to the song of our own greatness. Give yourself credit for dancing with something scary and away from that comfort zone. Reframing builds the resilience that allows us to keep dancing, taking bigger risks, more risks, and growing a towards the individuals we truly desire to be. Fear is the catalyst to the things that we desire most….stop ignoring it…start embracing it.