Take Pride Tuesday: The Den Fights Back

Written by: Ricky Borg

Tired of being....tired?

What better time to make better decisions than today? You control your life and have the ability to change it how you see fit!

Speaking of "fit", going to the gym isn’t a punishment for what you ate or how much you sit. It is a platform for finding your inner strength and remembering that you still can move and breathe to control your own life.

Tom Brokaw once said, “It’s easier to make a buck, but It’s a lot tougher to make a difference.”  

Luckily, we make it easier to make a difference. On Saturday, April 29th, at 11am Iron Lion Performance and the Lupus Foundation are teaming up to raise awareness (and funds) to fight Lupus, an auto-immune disease that affects millions of people every year.

Challenge yourself by learning how to use the kettlebell as a tool to combine cardiovascular, strength and flexibility training-- all for a great cause! 

Admission is $15.00 and 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Lupus Foundation.

We are honored to stand beside fellow Den member, Laura Kelly (TEAM LAUDAWGS) as she personally battles Lupus and raises awareness.  

We hope to see u there!