Take Pride Tuesday: C is for Consistency and Chalkitis

There is one key factor that often keeps people from reaching their fitness goals - consistency! Consistency is crucial to achieving your goals, and unless you continually dedicate your time to keep your workout regimen consistent your exercise plan (and results) will not have enough time to develop.

Meet Peter Chalkitis!

Peter recently had a child, and like most of us do, he struggled with his weight. He joined the Den at 210lbs when he used to be around 190lbs pre-child. Peter joined Iron Lion in September of 2016 and began working with the strength and nutrition coaches to set programming goals that support his running regiments. Peter has been consistent with his programming, and in doing so he now weighs under 200lbs and became noticeably stronger with his lifts.


In November he was trap bar deadlifting lifting 415lbs. I specifically recall one Saturday morning Peter received a new program, designed to keep him strong and fresh for his upcoming run. He was a bit hesitant to squat, let alone squat 210 lbs. By the end of the month he was squatting 240lbs and started to deadlift with a straight bar with ease.

Peter has been consistent with his work outs since he joined Iron Lion Performance, often coming to the Den three (3) to four (4) times a week. And while you may see him mean mugging on Instagram, cracking jokes and being a super hero on the weekends - his workouts are no joke. Since he maintained his commitment to the Den, Pete was able to complete 13.1 miles this past Sunday in 2 hours and 13 minutes. Averaging about 10 minutes per mile, Pete took a step closer to his own personal goal, along with two (2) blisters on his feet and minor medical assistance halfway in.


Yes step 1 is a great start in recognizing your goal - but it's only the beginning! Once you identify your goal and figure out how you will achieve it you must follow the plan to work towards your goal.

Fitness isn’t about being perfect or trying to recapture who you were "back in the day", but rather becoming the best you can be today and set yourself up for future successes.