The Monday Mindset: Mastery is Unattainable

I had a conversation with a colleague the other day about continuing education and she asked the obvious question of what I’m getting my graduate degree in. She proceeded to tell me that I’m doing great, and that I’m going to do great things. As amazing as this is to hear, my honest response was that I feel like I have no idea what I’m doing right now with everything going on. My shoulders can’t shoulder much more, if anything, else. Then she drops the hammer, “well, mastery is unattainable, right?!” 

It was one of those lines that clears the fogginess in your head, or the OH moment while your hand goes to your forehead and and you realize that the answer was so simple. After I finished up my physiology work that day I started to think more about what she had said. I came to this - - mastery is unattainable, but it is still the aim

I have never come across a coach or teacher worth learning from who thought they had mastered their craft. They were still learning and growing within themselves. Their actions were so precise and thought through that they looked masterful, but their minds were not settled. They were just flowing. They were not done learning and studying their craft. True masters of their craft are not masters of physical actions. They are masters of their own mindset. 

Mastery is a mindset: it requires the capacity to see your abilities not as finite, but as infinitely improvable
— Daniel Pink

To pursue mastery we must decide that it is what we want for ourselves. Make the conscious decision that you intend to master whatever it is you are are seeking to master. Mastery is a mindset, not a physical action, right? So, make the decision and repeat this affirmation daily. Think of it like weightlifting for the mind. Get emotionally involved with learning. Fall in love with studying. Master your mindset.