The Monday Mindset: Conquering Excuses

By Jason Harrell

Our mindset directly affects what we believe is possible. It dictates the actions we take in our lives every day, and can either help us or hurt us as we progress in our careers, training, or simply achieving the goals we have set out to achieve. Successful people are not smarter, more talented, or genetically advanced, but they do understand that cultivating a strong mindset towards success is a lifelong process. Successful people make learning and understanding themselves a priority.  


There’s temptation for us to blame failures on things that are outside our control: “we were treated unfairly,”  “the task at hand was too big to begin with,”  “there wasn’t enough time." There’s also comfort in relying on structures that have proven successful for us on previous occasions. We are rarely criticized when using these methods that have worked before: crash diets, previous workout programs…but feeling comfortable or avoiding criticism should not be our measure of success - - success should be our measure of success. 

Excuses stifle progression. Being successful requires understanding that making excuses is detrimental to progression, and recognizing when they creep up. Successful people fail, but acknowledge when the excuse is creeping up on them. They don’t run from it and they don’t blame someone else: they self reflect. They see failure as an invaluable life lesson or experience, and they don’t give up. 

You can have results or excuses. Not both.
— Arnold Schwarzenegger

When we stop playing the blame game, and making excuses for ourselves, we grow as individuals. We become more confident - - more resilient. We become the victors, and not the victim. We become successful.