Weight Loss Wednesdays: Bioavailability

Today we are going to hone in on one of my favorite topics- bioavailability. Bioavailability is technical sounding word for a very basic concept. Simply put, bioavailability is the ease with which your body accesses and processes the nutrients in the foods you eat. It is influenced by several factors- gut health of the eater, combination and type of food eaten as well as whether the food is raw or cooked. Feel overwhelmed? Don’t be. There are many simple things you can do every day to increase bioavailability in the foods you eat. Here are a few tips to start you out:


Meat: Sear your meats and pour the juice in the pan back over the finished meat. For max effect? Add a little red wine to the pan before you serve the dish

WHY: The B vitamins in meat dissolve in water, including meat juices. Making a sauce with red wine and the meat juice gets more of the B vitamins into you and leaves less in the pan.



Tomatoes: tomatoes are a great source of vitamin A and lycopene- a chemical that is a powerful antioxidant. Cook them!

WHY: Cooking tomatoes actually increases the lycopene content.


Dark Leafy Greens: dark leafy greens like spinach and kale are chock full of iron, although your body cant get to the iron unless you add a weak acid to them.  So add acid, like citrus or vinegar.


WHY: Citrus juice and vinegar break allow your body to access the iron. So any time that you dress your salad, you are increasing the amount of iron your body can use.




Try these simple hints to maximize the nutritional impact of your foods and get the best bang for your buck out of your meals!