Take Pride Tuesday: The Alpha Challenge

Take Pride Tuesday



How strong are you?

You may have joined the fitness journey to improve your health, but at some point, in your journey the appeal of lifting weights and pushing yourself becomes a challenge where you set new goals to achieve. Imagine if that challenge became a competition among your Den peers for the bragging rights to be the “King/Queen of the DEN”? Well……..we made your dreams come true with a test for the ultimate Alpha—find the full power of your speed, strength and endurance with our new Alpha Challenge.  

Do you have what it takes to be willing to work harder and more ferociously than the person next to you!

The Alpha Challenge is designed to help you reach another milestone in your daily training.  While this is not a mandatory exercise, we certainly encourage your participation. 

WHO: You!

WHERE:  These challenges will be posted on the board in the middle of the turf and updated each time someone attempts the challenge for that month. 

WHAT: We will rank participants on time and the number of laps completed.

WHEN: Anytime, but the challenge cannot be substituted for a regular scheduled class. Participants should consult with a trainer to ensure you have the necessary clearance to participate in the month’s challenge. We don’t want to conflict with any movement patterns you may be working on that month. 

February’s Alpha Challenge is:

Length of Time: 10 Minutes

Area to perform this movement: Turf


Start at the window, pick up the trap bar with your specific body weight attached to the bar

o   If you are 160lbs make sure the entire weight including the bar is 160 pounds

Carry the trap bar to the end of the turf and back to the window without placing the bar on the ground (circle the cones at each end of the turf).

o   This equals 1 lap

o   If you go from the window to the end of the turf 4x’s that is 2 laps.

·         You are not allowed to place the bar down once you do the challenge is over.

·         You can stop walking but make sure you don’t let the bar touch the ground otherwise your attempt is over.

·         You have a total of 10 minutes to complete this challenge.



Good Luck and may the best Alpha win!