The Monday Mindset: The Day of Decadence

By Jason Harrell

Staying on track towards our goals can be challenging. In today’s society there are countless distractions in our faces, such as events and day-to-day obligations that make it difficult to stay focused on why we started the journey to begin with. 

The Super Bowl aired last night, and whether you’re a fan or not, it is one of the largest watched events in the world every year. Many of us watch with family and friends while indulging in all the things that we tend not to allow ourselves to have on most days - and that’s okay. 

Going into the week, don’t feel like you’ve fallen off the tracks if you over indulged or over celebrated yesterday. Simply be aware that it’s okay, and get back after it today. Being aware of the reasons why we fall off the tracks can sometimes lead us to, or even be, the answer that it takes to get us past that road block. 

The day of decadence is over, and it’s time to walk the walk again. If you’ve fallen off over the weekend, that’s cool - now acknowledge it, be aware and recognize why we did, and understand that falling off the tracks isn’t a diversion from your journey, it’s part of it.