Take Pride Tuesday: March Challenge


Are you explosive?

Iron Lions First Alpha challenge was to carry your own body weight as many times using the trap bar as you could. 

As the NFL combine approaches us we decided to take a page from there book and have you test your explosiveness. 

For our next Alpha challenge, we are going to see who could jump the furthest. The broad jump is produced by horizontal hip power which is developed with deadlifts, and swings. Let's see how all that hard work translates!

WHO: You!

WHERE:  These challenges will be posted on the board in the middle of the turf and updated each time someone attempts the challenge for that month. 

WHAT: We will rank participants on time and the number of laps completed.

WHEN: Anytime, but the challenge cannot be substituted for a regular scheduled class. Participants should consult with a trainer to ensure you have the necessary clearance to participate in the month’s challenge. We don’t want to conflict with any movement patterns you may be working on that month. 

March’s Alpha Challenge is:

 Movement: Triple Broad Jump

Area to perform this movement: Turf


1.       Start near the sled and a coach will mark your starting point.

2.       Set up with feet about shoulder-width apart in an athletic stance with arms up at chest height.

3.       Simultaneously swing the arms while flexing at the hips and knees, loading up the legs.

4.       Immediately after loading, swing the arms simultaneously with the jump, driving off the legs and pushing the hips forward.

5.       Aim to jump both out and up, because adding a vertical component to the jump reduces shear stress on the knees.

6.       Bring your feet and arms back in front of you in preparation for landing.

7.       Drop your hips as you near the ground to absorb force in a flat-foot position.

8.       Stick your landing for a moment to reinforce proper position

9.       Land each rep and re-set before the next, repeat steps 2 through 8, 2 more times.

10.   We are measuring the total distance from the starting point.

 The Alpha Challenge is designed to help you reach another milestone in your daily training.  While this is not a mandatory exercise, we certainly encourage your participation. 

Good Luck and may the best Alpha win!

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