The Monday Mindset: The One Percent Rule

Coaching nutrition and strength and conditioning I’ve come to realize that many of the principles of both run on parallel paths. Over the past week I’ve had conversations with students and clients looking for the exact solutions to their problems. No matter the inquiry — injury prevention, nutrition, strength, weight loss, or even working around Lent - - my answer is essentially the same. You’re talking about finding the perfect answer, the magic fix, when you should be striving for the one percent. 


Be better by one percent every day. Ask yourself this question: how am I one percent better today than I was yesterday? Are you stronger? Are you healthier? Feel better? Less pain? Did you show up today? By doing this, we’re able to recognize that we are trying, we are taking the requisite steps everyday that are leading us towards our ultimate goal: strength, weight loss, pain relief, personal development, etc. The one percent is a way of addressing daily preparedness that allows us to answer these questions while building consistency every day. 


Understand that “perfection” is not the goal. You don’t have to be perfect; you just have to be “a little better”, and progressing. This in and within itself deserves its own praise. Instead of looking at the ways you’re less than perfect, look at the ways you’re better than yesterday, or last week, or last month, and last year. The one percent gain every day becomes the daily habit that ultimately is progression. 


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