Feel Good Friday: Member Spotlight - Nando Savage

Feel Good Friday: Meet Our Members

By Hayley Bridgewater


Happy Friday Everyone! And welcome to another installment of Meet Our Members! I am excited to write about one of the Den’s most committed inhabitants, Fernando Ciccarelli. 


Known to some as “Nando” or “NandoSavage”, I dare say that this guy has ever met anyone that he couldn’t make smile. No matter what the time of day, he is ready to greet and share stories with each and every ILP member.  His energy is positive and infectious, his dedication inspiring, and he has even been known to persuade some of the other guys to rock his signature ninja ponytail from time to time.


I (and many of the other trainers) first met Fernando years ago at another facility where he trained with Coach Carlsen. I initially dubbed him “the guy with the kickass shirts” and of course, being one of the few others that preferred a “crack of dawn” lift, we became fast friends, bonding over a fondness for OCR and Dr. Joe and Frank Duffy’s outdoor boot camps.

Staying active and fit has been something that Fernando has long held important in his life. He currently shoulders heavy loads as a porter/doorman on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. He has previously worked in a gym setting and has maintained his interest in continuing education by attending FRC certification and strength training seminars with many of our staff. “Fitness definitely helps me in my life,” he stated, “whether it's for my job or sports/events over the weekend, I'm always looking to be active. ILP has had a huge impact on me and I'm grateful to everyone, trainers and members alike.”


When asked what he enjoys the most about ILP, he quickly responded, “The atmosphere. It is incredible. Everyone is always there to help. I appreciate that no matter what days you walk in, you have someone willing to help and you're not going in blind, not knowing what to do for the day. I don't think I could go back to any old gym now. ILP is like one giant amazing family. Everyone is there for everyone else.”


*** When you see Nando this weekend, (if you haven’t already) don’t forget to wish him a very Happy Birthday! Even better, you can likely talk the beer enthusiast into throwing back a pint for the big 31!


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