Weight Loss Wednesday: Motivate, Celebrate, Lose The Weight


Weight loss is a two-part objective. Not only must your physical behaviors adapt to your goal, but you must also mentally adapt to the challenges that accompany the effort. Exercise and healthy eating are vital, yes, but the strength of your mental outlook can mean success or failure.  As a brilliant R&B group in the 90’s once said, “Free your mind, and the rest will follow”. Here are some things to keep in mind:

1.       Motivation: Define It, Make It Yours-

To begin with, make sure that your motivation is clearly defined and that it’s strong. Change can be difficult, and without a strong motivator to keep you going, you could get bogged down and discouraged. Also make sure that your motivation is personal and isn’t dependent on winning someone else’s approval or you could find that your will to succeed might diminish over time.


2.       Choose Goals That Are Attainable-

It may seem worthwhile to choose aggressive or lofty fitness goals, but by choosing goals that are too challenging, you might be setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. Instead of focusing on a specific number, focus on long term behavioral goals, like cutting out your daily big gulp of soda or reducing your daily fat intake by 15%.


3.       Approach Your Goals In A Stepwise Fashion

Small changes tend to be the most achievable, and therefore tend to stick better than sudden, large changes. Commit yourself to changing one small habit until the change starts to stick- say a week or two and then make the next one. By priming yourself for success, you will give your motivation a kick in the butt.


4.       Celebrate the Little Wins:

Don’t downplay the little victories. Incremental positive change is worth a reward! Make sure that the rewards are meaningful. If possible, choose rewards that feed back into your continued progress, like a new pair of sneakers or a cute outfit that highlights your weight loss.


5.       Be Kind To Yourself:

This will be a journey…stay the course. If you find yourself polishing off an entire bag of chips ahoy, don’t tear yourself down too much. You can’t expect to be 100% all the time. Practice forgiveness and accentuate the positive. Can’t find the positive? Just try to move forward and do your best not to repeat the mistake. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your perfect set of dietary behaviors.