The Monday Mindset: Seeking Change

By Jason Harrell

We all know that moment when we ask ourselves “how did I get here." The moment we know that to make change in our life, we need to break the pattern that led us to where we are. Our response to that question should involve some self-reflection that leads to a better "me."

Because it's not enough to want to change--we have to truthfully assess why we want it, then seek it out and act on it, step by step. Seeking out change, acting out those first steps toward our goals, is a tough but necessary first action toward creating sustainable change. 

Change is hard and inevitable, but the steps we follow toward that change are the ones that change us for the better. We have to want, not just badly but clearly, in order to make that change in our lives when the moment hits. And we have to do more than simply want change. We have to seek it out. 

In seeking out change we must constantly ask ourselves what drives us. And not because people are watching or because or we feel obligated by someone else’s motivations, but because it’s what's best for “me”. No matter our goals, this will keep us on track as the stimulus of life and training fluctuate--and it's an inevitable truth that they will. 

Stop thinking, stop pondering, stop strategizing, stop debating, go do.
— Gary Vaynerchuk

Control what you can, and let go of what you cannot. If you are consistently asking yourself what is driving you - then seeking out change based on that, and taking those steps, you will reach your destination. If we don’t examine our drive first, we can begin to float, and in doing so, leave ourselves open to an overwhelming amount of disorienting vulnerability and unhappiness. So go and take some steps today, but the kind your FitBit can’t track. 

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