The Monday Mindset: Putting the "P" and "R" in "PR"

Hi there. Its your friendly, neighborhood dietitian here, hijacking the Monday mindset to share a few pennies of my experience- for what its worth.



When was the last time you PR’d? How did it feel?  Im betting it felt excellent, as most successes do. Now think about the last time you missed a lift-  I mean really missed it… like solid couldn’t get the bar off the ground, got stuck in the bottom , had to have someone help you up sort of missed it. How did that feel? How did you react to that feeling? Did you doubt yourself?  It is the crucial few moments after one of these sentinel events that really drives our next actions and the way that we view ourselves. Our PeRception determines our reality.


     The concept of the “PR” seems rather absolute, doesn’t it? Either you bested your previous efforts for an all time win or you didn’t, right? But its not that simple. We do not exist in a vacuum, and as much as this distresses all of us at times, there are things that happen to us in life that are completely and utterly out of our control. Stressors come out of the blue, circumstances change and emotional consequences of those stressors are not always entirely avoidable. So we miss things, we screw up and we fail. But in the light of the constantly changing environs in which we live, even a fail can be a win when viewed correctly.

     Sometimes, when life goes to hell, the only type of PRs we can manage are a different kind all together: PeRsistence is a win worth celebrating, as is PeRseverance. Just the fact that you continue to show up and Practice is proof of strength. Remember, bettering yourself in the best of times is hard. To do so under imperfect conditions requires real mental grit and the ability to look at the PR a little differently. So be patient with yourself and celebrate the little victories. It is only through the refusal to give up are we ever sure that we will not truly fail.