Performance Saturday: Lateral Lunges and Change of Direction Drills

Performance Saturday: Episode 3 - Lateral Lunges and Their Importance For Change of Direction Drills 

In Episode 1 - we went over how to execute power taps and where they fit in a speed and agility program.

Episode 2 - We showed you how to use power taps for context in our deceleration drills, as well as how to re-accelerate linearly. 

Episode 3 - In this episode, we lay ground work for our change of direction drills by breaking down the lateral lunge.

The lateral lunge has many benefits. One major benefit is in it's carry over to agility and speed drills. A well executed lateral lunge demonstrates the ability to transfer and absorb energy from one hip to the other. Once we have this down, we can start to program lateral lunge jumps and turn drills (next weeks episode). Check out the video to dial in on your lateral lunge.

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