Take Pride Tuesday: PR is in the PRogramming

Born in Queens, raised in Long Island. I grew up a dancer and wasn’t into much else athletically. I got a job in finance post-college and like many others, have been confined to sitting at a desk all day. I had always just gone to the gym because I knew I was supposed to, to stay healthy, but I tended to pick something up and lose interest after several months. I struggled for many years to find something that kept me wanting to come back to the gym. A few years ago, I passed by a Crossfit box in Astoria and was so intrigued by the loud music, weights dropping and people cheering each other on. I was also terrified and could not bring myself to actually take the foundations class for a year after that. When I finally did and started taking classes, I knew I had found it. I had never lifted any real weights and could have never predicted that it would be something that I truly enjoyed doing. Outside of this, I also like to spin, do yoga, bike and hike to stay active. 

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I had thrown myself into Crossfit 5-6 times per week by the time I was 6 months in and my weights were getting heavier and more consistent. After a competition, I started to experience pain in my lower back and by that point had also developed impingement issues in my shoulder. I went to PT, acupuncture and massage regularly, dropped by weights, tried to correct my form, but it became a frustrating cycle where every 4-5 months I would hurt myself again and was in so much pain I could barely walk. One day, I was speaking with my acupuncturist about the fact that I felt like there was something I was missing or not doing correctly and really needed someone to work with that could help me because I did not want to give up the one thing that finally made me love working out. He recommended Chris and Iron Lion to me 10 months ago and I have not looked back.

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My experience at Iron Lion so far has been amazing. The coaches are extremely helpful, knowledgeable, motivating and patient! I also really like how kettlebells have been incorporated into my training and have loved learning new techniques. Not only that, I have been able to PR my deadlift, back squat and front squat, which I had plateaued in a long time ago. I never thought I would be able to go up in weight let alone blow my PRs by 20+lbs in some cases.

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My goal in coming to Iron Lion was simple…learn and not get myself hurt and I have definitely achieved those goals. I am no longer afraid of increasing weight for fear of hurting myself. The coaches at Iron Lion have helped me to build the base I need and have helped me to recognize and feel for weaknesses to ensure that it won’t happen again. Now I can set my sights on other goals…getting my strict pull-ups!

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