Take Pride Tuesday: Building a Strong, Healthy Me

Hello! My name is Fred Acquavita. I am an Assistant Principal of an elementary school in Long Island City. I have worked there for two years now, but previously worked as a Special Education teacher in the South Bronx mostly with students with autism. When I’m not working I love to travel. Most recently to Italy and Miami this past summer. I also love the arts. Prior to becoming an education major I was a Music Industry major and performed in many theater productions in High School and college so I still enjoy a good night of drunk karaoke.



Prior to joining Iron Lion, I had lost over 100 pounds after a break-up. When I hit my lowest weight, I was undereating and doing cardio/working-out all of the time and it was sustainable. My body looked much better in clothes, but I felt weak and my stomach looked hollow and not toned. When I started my job as an assistant principal and my hours and responsibilities increased I couldn’t sustain the food and workout routines and gained back 50 pounds. After completing my first year I decided to join Iron Lion to lose the weight again in healthier sustainable way. A friend, Betsy Lewis, had told me how much she loved Iron Lion and I decided to check it out.

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My goal coming into Iron Lion was to improve my overall health in a healthy sustainable way. I didn’t want to focus on dropping numbers on a scale or how much weight I could bench, but on strengthening my body. I am also a complete spaz with knock knees and horrible feet and wanted to learn how to work out in a way that was focused on improving my form and modifying for my bodies individual needs.

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I am on the path to achieving my goals. Since joining Iron Lion I am beginning to fit into clothes I wore when I was a lighter weight, but feel that I am carrying the weight better than I did before. I am also happy to be more focused on form and feel I am getting more bang for my buck with the workout plans I have done at Iron Lion. I have also enjoyed getting to know the trainers and other members. It has been nice to have a community of people who are motivating and all working on a common goal.

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