Take Pride Tuesday: Knowing Who You Are

Finding your passion and motivation triggers is not as simple as it may seem but is a big part to identifying and finding out who you are as a person.  If someone asks, "Who are you?", the context to the question is what is important. Do they really want to know who you are, are they being authentic in the question or just plain condescending?  Is your name enough to explain who you are? Maybe the answer represents what you think of yourself... or maybe I'm just taking this way too philosophically.  Either way once you find yourself you start to learn about yourself. When we had the opportunity to speak with Den Member Katherine Espino aka “Kat” you really get a sense of her passion and the fire she has inside of her, but it always wasn’t so easy to keep that fire going. Here is her journey.

Kat Hike.jpg

Kat considers herself to be very lucky, as she puts it, “to have found people in the fitness field that made me realize how much I love and appreciate what working out does for me.”  Kat technically started working out when she got a job at working at a gym.  ”As a sales representative at the gym I use to sign up new gym members, I knew the gym was a great place to be a part of but it’s also about location for a lot of people.” She recalls having a trainer who kept pushing her to work out with him.

“After a week, I was sold. My only dilemma was not owning sneakers since she only wore heels - go figure now I hate them” she said.  After her first session she became addicted, working out six times a week, from personal training, indoor cycling, and running sometimes there were days where she recalls doing all three in one day! Talk about fire!

Kat Lift.png

Working out opened other windows for her such as wanting to be more active and adventurous. She decided she wanted to go and explore.  While traveling to different countries and try new things she packed her schedule as much as she could to go, Zip lining, cave diving, snorkeling and hiking.  

 After Kat had lost her job, she was heartbroken.  “It was like I started holding a grudge on fitness and stopped working out completely. For about two years I didn't really do much besides a random run here and there but it I was nowhere near being fit” she described.

One day her first trainer asked me to go hiking like they had done in years before.  She was excited and agreed to go, but forgot to warn him that she wasn't in shape or at least as fit as she use to be. That day she felt horrible, “it was like hitting an all-time low for me. I ended up cramping in my arms and hands to a point where I couldn't move and then actually fainted. I was embarrassed and disappointed in myself. It was then when I decided I had to join a gym again. I must've tried about 5 different gyms and hated all of them. I wanted my old gym crew back, it just wasn't the same anymore,” she said.

She has found out that one of the trainers I knew, (Chris) had opened his own gym. Realistically Iron Lion was too far but, she decided to go test it out. “I only needed a day to remember just how great, and energetic it felt to be back! I remember joining back in November of 2016 and thinking all I want is to be as fit as I was before. They weren't only trainers they were knowledgeable, attentive, and we became great friends. I held off going there for a long time because it wasn't near my house,” she said.

“Since being at Iron Lion everything in has been better. I’m able to do things that I love again and felt confident enough to know I can do it! The stronger I get the more enthusiastic and energetic I feel to open new doors and try everything I can. With the help of the great coaches at Iron Lion I believe I will reach my fitness goal and accomplish so much more. If your bodies healthy your mind is healthy!” 

Kat photo.JPG

Life is easy to go through while on autopilot; we practically get handed a road map for how reality "works." Go to school, get a job, get married, think this, that, and the other, and boom — hope you had a good time. And that's all well and good — it gets the job done certainly — but it doesn't allow room for you to grow. Finding the real you are an enlightening experience. You become self-sufficient and do things for yourself, for once. It's a hard feeling to put into words, but when you don't know who you are, it's hard to ignore. Finding yourself is not easy, but it's worth it.  Kat has done some amazing things while training at Iron Lion Performance, hitting quite a few PR’s in recent weeks while making changes in her own lifestyle and being more active while enjoying her adventurous hikes without any of the guilt she had previously. Congratulations Kat on finding your happiness while getting to know who you are and what has been important within your own life.  If you want to feel better, move better and gain more confidence don’t be bashful, take the first step and talk to a trainer at Iron Lion and we will help you along your path to happiness. After all, you are what you make of yourself.