Weight Loss Wednesday: System reboot 2017

By Lauren Barnak MS, RDN


Happy New Year! How were your holidays? Well, if you’re like me, they were wonderful, joyous and sprinkled with reasons to question my nutritional decisions. Now you might think to yourself, “What?! She’s a professional! I thought she was supposed to know what not to do!”  The answer there is that you, the reader, are right[RB1] - I do know better.  I am telling you this to show you that even the professionals make mistakes and that no matter what your nutritional transgressions have been or currently are, there is always a road back to redemption. Sit with that message and digest it for a minute (bad nutrition pun totally intended). There is always a way back. Ready to hear more?  Here come your 2017 tips for system reboot.

1.       Manage your meals: “Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper”.  Recent research suggests that this adage may actually work, as confirmed by a study in Obesity magazine.  By timing the heaviest meal at the start of the day, test subjects were able to lose more weight than the women who ate a heavy breakfast, even though both groups consumed exactly the same number of calories.


2.       Accentuate the Positive:  Concentrate on eating more to lose more. Keri Gans, RD and popular nutrition author, suggests that instead of thinking in terms of limitations and “forbidden foods”, you should concentrate on getting more of the right foods in your diet. Ask yourself, “How many servings of fruit have I gotten today” or “Do my dinner plans include a vegetable?”

3.       Stop Stress, Stay Strong: Try to stay away from junk foods and emotional eating in times of heavy stress. Instead, get in a workout for a quick shot of endorphins- the happy brain chemicals that are regulated by anti-depressants. Your mood will improve, and so will your weight.

food snob.png



4.   Bust Out Your Inner Food Snob: If you don’t love a food after first bite, put it down. Simply said, save your calories for the things that you really love.

5.       Don’t Go With the Flow: Fad Diets can be tempting, and there is nothing that seems like a better idea than a magic bullet to fix all of our woes. But there’s no magic bullet, and many studies have suggested that trying multiple fad diets or “yo-yo” dieting” an actually cause weight gain over time. Yikes!


Remember, it may not be easy or pleasant, but there’s always a road back from our mistakes, and every day is a chance to start over. So get up, go and keep these tips handy. You can do this.