The Monday Mindset: Patience

Patience is not passive, it is a concentrated strength
— Bruce Lee

By Jason Harrell

Patience is a grind. It’s hard work. It’s understanding our capabilities…and any process we’re wanting to accomplish. It’s about relinquishing control. I’m taken aback some when others ask how I am so patient with them or others, projects, students, sticky situations, but my answer is always the same - I really don’t think I am. 

Personally, I have a very busy mind. It starts spinning before my feet hit the floor in the morning.  What helps me to be patient day-in and day-out, other than brain dumping (more on this next week) my thoughts onto paper every morning, is an understanding of controlling what I can, and letting go of what I can’t. This is where patience is found in all of us. It is the ability to accept delay without getting angry or upset with ourselves. It’s not passively waiting, but rather an active acceptance of the process required to attain your goals. We could all use a little patience. 


Throughout the training process we experience the undeniable variability of programming and what it does to our bodies. Through weeks and months of training the stimulus is never straight up towards what we are wanting to accomplish - it’s more like jogging hills - it’s up and down with the end goal a handful of hills away. No matter the goal - weight loss, strength gain, less pain, women’s rights marching - we must not refuse to notice that some “hills” are going to be slower than others. We can’t always control when we will get to the top, but we can control the action to step up the hill every day. 

My colleague last week referred to me as “zen” in reference to my coaching skills. I laughed some thinking about my anxious brain and responded by telling her that I’m far from zen, I’m just understanding of what I can and can’t do, and I’m okay with it. I also prefer to choose my words wisely, because even the best students have their day in the sun and test my patience. 

Strength is a journey. Enjoy the ride.